What inspires your creativity?

What inspires your creativity?
When I look around, there is so much that moves me, that compels me to put my words to paper, that has me singing on the inside (albeit, a little tone deaf on the outsidešŸ˜‚). But what inspires me most of all is the captivating storytelling of my grandparents. While I grew up in the west, my heart is rooted in the east where my grandparents raised my amazing parents – at the edge of a jungle full of awe and wonder in the Western Ghats region of India. Here, the stories of my tribe are most alive, infused with the special magic only grandparents have. Although my grandparents are no longer physically with me, their love of life and nature and adventure, live on in me, and now their great-grandchildren. My first novel is based in this region and steeped in the folklore and stories that were such a huge part of my childhood.