Dream a little dream

I am beyond happy to announce that my debut young adult novel has found its publishing home!!

Ever since I was a kid scribbling at the desk my dad built for Sunil and I, I have DREAMED of this day for so long❤️

I can’t wait to share my story — it’s a little Tomb Raider x Wonder Woman x South Indian folklore — about a FIERCE Indian-American girl who can dance-fight like nobody’s business and slay the beasts lurking in the dark. It’s the book of my HEART – for my teenage self – who was always trying to find her place in the world❤️

It’s for anyone who has found it hard to believe in themselves, or have felt they don’t belong — believe me, you do, and there is a true warrior within each of us❤️

I love that I can share this journey with my amazing family – near and far – and my writing community!! Most of all, it’s been amazing sharing this excitement with my fellas at home — they have cheered me on through ALL the ups and downs of this business🥰

This is a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears, juggling the many hats I wear, struggling with self-doubt, life through chaos, but I believed — even when I didn’t want to anymore — I believed.

Chase your dreams — they do come true❤️❤️

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