In MY Hands

Just a girl and the book she always dreamed of writing —right there in HER HANDS.

Please share your pics of IN MY HANDS — in YOUR hands♥️

If my teenage-self could see me now, she would think this is pretty cool🤣

Decades in the making (I was career-ing, writing other stories, creating a life with my best friend, growing and raising small humans, loving on my fam and friends, living life …) — the story of my heart grew with each passing year, swelling with wonder and memories of a childhood spent visiting grandparents and family half a world away. Those stories my grandparents told, our River Kaveri, the adventures of my brother and cousins who ventured out into the rice paddy fields and into the lush greenery of the rainforests surrounding our ancestral homes, all forever woven into this fantastical story of a girl caught between two cultures — wanting to belong to both!!

Check it out for yourself or request it at your local public or school library !!!

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